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Common Encouraging Phrases That Boost Your Woman’s Spirits

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Common Encouraging Phrases That Boost Your Woman’s Spirits

Post by checker on Fri Mar 25, 2016 12:45 pm

1. “I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You”

This is a winner, really. And guys who let their women know this, time and again, remain on the winning side. Just think about it – you do things and your partner appreciates them so much that they want to spend their lives with you doing whatever it is you do. Now isn’t that something, given the fact that to share a life with another takes a lot of commitment and trust?
If you are doing three jobs in a row yet give ample amount of time to your significant other; or wash your car thrice in one day; or keep a stack of books on your dining table but despite all that, your partner gives you encouraging speeches and locking gazes with you, tells you in earnest how they want to spend the rest of their lives with you – nothing else can make a woman more overwhelmed than this.

In a relationship filled with quirks and out-of-the-box habits of the woman, motivation can go a long way. It shows her that her partner accepts her with all that she is and isn’t yet still gladly wants to be with her.

2. “I Believe In You”

Belief in your partner forms the backbone of a healthy relationship. So when your woman speaks about something everyone else around is disagreeing to at a party; or buying a T.V. set you are not sure will fit onto the wall in the living room; or cooking a new dish you are not sure will turn out as delicious as it looked in the cook book – you need to push the barriers of uncertainty away, take a deep breath and just believe in her. Nothing else can console her in challenging times but the mere knowledge that her significant other is there by her side, supports and believes in her. Faith can move mountains after all. So if your woman is daring enough to do something new and daring, back her up, bring out her flare and do not deflate her bounce.

When she is knee deep in a difficulty, she will not look around for others’ encouragement but only her significant other’s words of encouragement and that warm look in his eyes laced with a sweet smile that whispers “I believe in you”.

3. “You’re Amazing at Everything You Do.”

You need your significant other to appreciate the things you do and say for the benefit of your relationship as well as life in general. You may fall, you may break and you may find it hard to get back up again. But your partner sees the effort you are making and they tell you that you have come a long way indeed and you are amazing at everything you do. Nothing and no one is perfect, sure, but being in a relationship does not mean giving your partner the ‘you’re-not-perfect-and-that-is-okay’ pep talk.

They already know that. What matters is that you encourage your woman in such a way that it makes her feel appreciated regardless of what she managed to accomplish and not accomplish. Telling her she is amazing, that she does an awesome job at doing whatever she does; bringing up that smile on her face as you say it… it will encourage to the heights of motivation and an effort to be better.

4. “You Make Me Proud”

You can never fully comprehend the lengths your woman might have had to go to in order to buy you that blue sweater you liked so much for Christmas. You might never hear her crying silently behind painstaking words she had to listen to just for your sake. You might never see her complain about how the bathroom ceiling leaks from the corner at time it rains. You will never taste crappy food from her hands despite how out of sorts she might have been.

If you manage to notice any such random acts of bravery in your woman then let her know with full spirits and colors in your voice how she makes you proud. No one needs to brag about anyone here. Just a simple declaration of love, respect and appreciation on your part will make your woman feel satisfied with the work she does. It will make her realize that her hard work really paid off and her significant other is proud of her for that.

It can be easy to tip the balance in a relationship – the balance that ensures you feel as much belonged with your partner as they do. Therefore, it becomes helpful when your partner comes up to you, cups your face in their hands and tells you with every ounce of encouragement that you have made them proud. The sense of belonging and being at peace will come rushing back in.

5. “You Can Do This”

Fear is natural. We all feel it. Panicking over something really does kill your self-confidence. And it is of no use either. It will not get things done for you magically now, will it? When it is your first time driving a car and you get scared and all panicky; when you go to a business gathering with your partner and have to blend in with a strange crowd which make you feel like an alien amongst sheep; times when you do not know how to operate the washing machine because you are so tensed and pre-occupied with troubles at home and work… in all such scenarios and many others of the same kind, women require just that one boost of encouragement from their significant other and they are back on track.

They do not need therapy or older people telling them what to do or which road to take. Their partner’s words of encouragement are enough therapy for them and in that alone they find the best advice. Because what better advice is there than your partner telling you that you can do it? It goes synonymous with believing in your woman. They are both sides of the same coin, but they both offer motivation to women on a different level.
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